Vital Link In India's
Natural Gas Grid

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1480 km

Pipeline Network

5 States

Traversed by the Pipeline

900+ MW

Total Installed Power

India's first
bi-directional pipeline

PIL acts as a vital link in supplying clean and green energy by connecting all major gas-producing fields on the East coast to the major consuming centers of the West, in a safe, sustainable and reliable manner. PIL is owned by India Infrastructure Trust sponsored by Brookfield Asset Management, a global leader in alternative asset management.

In view of our operational excellence and impeccable safety record, we have been awarded various National and International accreditations. It has been authorized as a Common Carrier Pipeline by the Government of India and accepted by the Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB).

Culture Catalysts

Employees are the most essential factor in any organization’s success. PIL is a people first organization who believes in investing and harnessing human capital. The Employee Value Proposition revolves around nine focus areas HSSE, Care, Operational Excellence, Agility, Customer Service, Digitalization, Growth, and Innovation. The Company strives to provide a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment, thus creating a culture where work is more than just a job and people are respected.

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Powering Change
Fostering Responsibility

PIL believes in sustainable development of communities around its installation and is committed to fulfil its social responsibility. PIL has adopted a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy to articulate the CSR goal of the Company, the nature of projects to be undertaken, and reliable monitoring mechanisms. The Company’s CSR is focussed around Basic infrastructure, Sanitation, Education, Community Well-being and Employment Development. In the past four years of enabling the community, PIL has made a difference in the lives of many individuals through its initiatives.

Through the collaborative initiative “Project Sahbhag-Learn and Develop Together” with BAIF, PIL implemented diverse initiatives in nine villages across Telangana and Maharashtra. The project aimed to enhance school and village infrastructure, including cleanliness drives, water purifiers, and solar street lights. PIL also introduced innovative education methods of vibrant wall paintings, fostering an interactive and engaging learning environment, in addition to the infrastructure support -installing student desks.

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