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Health and Safety Commitment Health and Safety Commitment

Safeguarding Our People, Empowering Our Success: PIL's Health, Safety and Security Commitment

PIL is fully committed to the safe transportation of Natural Gas through cross-country pipeline while prioritizing the health and safety of all Stakeholders including The Board, employees, contractors, vendors, and local community. We strive towards ensuring every individual returns home safely every day as we pursue Goal Zero – No Harm. No Injury. No Leaks.

The Seven Principles

The Seven Principles 1

Active participation of Leadership, Employees, and Stakeholders.

The Seven Principles 2

Processes and practises developed keeping in mind the nature of business.

The Seven Principles 3

Periodic review to identify improvement areas.

The Seven Principles 4

Effective communication to employees, including contractors, regarding safety measures.

The Seven Principles 5

Personal well-being measures.

The Seven Principles 6

Training programs to enable the employees to conduct their daily work in a safe manner.

The Seven Principles 7

Deployment of HSSE policy to all employees & contractors.

HSSE is at the forefront of everything we do. It is our top priority to ensure a safe working place across our operations. PIL emphasizes building a proactive HSSE culture wherein all employees and contractors are adequately trained to identify operations risks, equipped to adopt mitigation measures (preventive and detective) and advocate for others’ safety. We endeavour to maintain an injury-free workplace by addressing high-potential incidents with utmost priority to reinforce safety awareness and reduce blind spots. We conduct regular training and coaching across our sites to embed safe practices and procedures.

Occupational hazards and risks are influenced by the nature of the work and the surrounding environment. These risks/hazards have the potential to cause serious injuries, incidents, and fatalities. Energy involved in top risk areas are:



Chemical/Hazardous Material/Confined Space








Protecting Lives, Embracing Safety: Our Commitment at PIL

At PIL, we prioritize the holistic health and safety of our employees and contract workers. Our collective thinking and responsibility drive our continuous training approach, which focuses on hazard identification, safe task performance, and risk-reduction competencies. We continuously refine our training programs to align with our business goals.

To safeguard employee’s physical health, we have implemented various initiatives, including mandatory annual / bi-annual medical examinations for employees and contractors, Yoga & Zumba sessions, annual sports tournament, and training sessions on work-life balance and occupational health hazards. At PIL, supporting employee’s mental health is equally critical. PIL has in place an Employees Wellness Program for emotional and mental wellbeing of our employees. Through these comprehensive measures, we aim to create a safe and healthy work environment for all our employees and contract workers at PIL.

Furthermore, PIL is dedicated to environmental protection by adopting eco-friendly technologies and conducting operations that minimize GHG emissions, ensure safe disposal of hazardous waste as per CPCB norms, utilize harvested rainwater for groundwater recharging, and minimize the usage of natural resources. We aim to enhance environmental awareness among employees and the contractor workforce by promoting healthy work practices, providing training, and engaging in plantation initiatives.

Awards and Recognitions

Awards and Recognitions

British Safety Council Sword of Honor for outstanding commitment to Health and Safety Management

Awards and Recognitions

Five Star rating in Occupational Health and Safety Audit

Awards and Recognitions

British Safety Council International Safety Award for strong commitment to good health and safety management

Awards and Recognitions

National Safety Council of India, Safety Award for appreciable achievement in occupational Health and Safety

Awards and Recognitions

Five Star rating in Environmental Audit awarded in the year 2018

Awards and Recognitions

National Safety Council of India, Safety Award for appreciable achievement in occupational Health and Safety


HSSE Policy

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PIL has Emergency Response and Disaster Management Plan (ERDMP) which is validated by PNGRB approved Third Party Inspection Agency. Management Team members, O&M field & Head Office employees are trained in emergency response, Crisis Management and Media Handling. Contractor workers are also regularly trained in emergency response and handling the incidents. A dedicated Emergency Response Vehicles equipped with essential equipment has been deployed to manage any eventuality or incident. As a part of emergency preparedness PIL periodically conducts mock drill exercises and evaluates its performance. Pipeline Operations Centre operates on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year basis and act as a nodal point for emergency notification, communication and co-ordination.

Pipeline Mitra identified along the pipeline route acts as a first responder on behalf of PIL till the arrival of company staff. It helps to minimise the consequences to public by alerting and keeping them away from the incident site.

Emergency Preparedness Certificate

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